We are in the business to help your business succeed.

It has never been easier to get started with a new professional billing service.  Our solid experience and expertise easily fits your schedule and is cost-effective.  We are like your full-time staff at less than a part-time cost.  We can cut your operating costs dramatically while providing reliable, dependable, and supportive assistance you can rely on.


Attorney Services

  • Review of all medical records
  • Creation of Supplemental 1500
  • Completion of Medical Records Summary
  • Creation of Excel code tracker
  • Input of Demand Online for your office to complete the Demand letter

Medical Insurance Billing

  • Electronic billing
  • Input of patient charges
  • Weekly billing of all charges
  • Monthly reports with charges billed and insurance payment totals
  • Monthly tracking of claims status
  • Follow up until all claims are resolved and paid
  • Application of payments to patient accounts
  • Verification of correct payments based on contract
  • Appeal of payments not paid -- according to contract with the appropriate follow up



Attorney Services

  • Review of all Medical Records 
  • Completion of Medical Records Summary
  • Creation of Excel code tracker
  • Supplmental CMS 1500
  • Input into Demand Online

  • Review of records
  • Completion of Medical Summary Report
  • Creation of code tracker
  • Creation of Supplemental CMS 1500

Hourly charges $125/hr

  • Input into Demand Online software 
    • Time allotment is case by case
    • Call for more details


Medical Insurance Billing

  • 8% of Collections
  • Flat fees for cash accounts
  • 15% for Accounts Receivable over one year
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